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History of the Mills


Carlinghow Mills was founded as a woollen mill, marking the onset of a rich industrial legacy.


The construction of the primary mill, a notable surviving structure, was completed, boasting four and a half stories and seventeen bays.


The expansion era commenced with the construction of additional multi-storey mills, further enlarging the industrial complex.


Further growth ensued with the addition of weaving sheds. A time office and a quaint cottage were also erected at the entrance, enhancing operational efficiency.


The expansion continued with the construction of more mills on the premises, augmenting the site's industrial capacity.


A new chapter began as Carlinghow Mills transitioned into a commercial park, leasing spaces to a diverse array of local businesses and fostering a vibrant business community.


Significant redevelopment took place, featuring extensive road improvements and refurbishment of the surrounding buildings, enhancing the site's accessibility and aesthetic appeal.


The refurbishment of Building C41 was completed, modernizing the infrastructure and further accommodating the needs of the tenants.


Building C42 underwent a refurbishment, continuing the trajectory of modernization and enhanced utility.


The construction of Building C43 was initiated, reflecting the ongoing commitment to providing modern, functional spaces for a growing community.


The Self-Storage Container Park was introduced, offering secure and easily accessible storage solutions for both personal and business needs.

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